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Session Performance: This session focused on the player's ability to strike the ball by giving them as much shooting opportunities as possible. Warm up entailed low shots with the ICON Q machine to ensure the correct technique was used prior to adding in random factors. The scores from the top table are from said initial exercise.


The session progressed to random options as well as introducing dynamic ball movement as well as run up and control for set up. The scores below are based using the precision goal looked to challenge the player with increasing number of targets in the exercise.

COach feedback

The player's habits came more into light during the shooting session. He would insist on shooting with his toe, run in a straight line into the ball and not use the momentum from the run for the shot (but pausing as he got to the ball). He did not take on the coaching points (using laces, running at an angle and hitting the ball in the same swing as the run) so really struggled to get good contact on the ball.


Although by the end he did start running at an angle, the session highlighted the need to really have the player build the fundamentals from the passing and control aspects of his game and iron that out first before he looks to excel in shooting (as well as keep his interest in the sport).


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