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Our machines connect to our Data Hub platform, where we have an app for players and coaches to keep track of their performance and progression. This makes it easy to spot areas for improvement, suggest appropriate training, and track progression over time.

Create Your Profile and Track Performance

All players can create their individual profile, where they can then easily get access through the official ESA Data Hub app or their standard browser.


Each profile is linked to their ESA machine sign in so that any data is automatically uploaded and stored in the ESA Data Hub.

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Analytics of Performances Over Time

The scores obtained from their sessions can be compared by date/ESA game type/ESA machine to deeply analyse their development throughout their time at the centre.


The instant feedback can then be used to identify areas of strengths/weaknesses as well as condition of the players who may be recovering from injury.

Leaderboard to Compete Locally and Worldwide

Compare scores against friends, teammates, other players in the centre or those from different academies around the world!


Using the various filtering options, players can compare by age group/nationality/ESA game type/ESA machine type (to name a few) to see how they rank.

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Having trouble setting it up? Watch our video.

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