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ESA products are designed to develop the physical and psychological attributes that players need to succeed in the modern game.  We help coaches at all levels to enhance their training programmes, engage their players, and make sense of performance data.

Available for rent for schools, training centres and companies.

ICON (6m, 16 Panels)

Designed to replicate match-realistic movements, players can fine-tune vital attributes like close control, passing accuracy, awareness, and much more. It’s also a great tool for rehabilitation after injury, facilitating controlled, low-impact training, as a stepping stone to full-contact.

Technical Focus: Passing, Turning, Control


ICON Fast Feet (6 panels)

Designed to fit into tight spaces, the ICON Fast Feet is all about intensity, developing a players skills around close control, reaction time, and body manipulation.

Technical Focus: Turning, Control

Precision Wall (2x3/3x3)

The Precision Wall helps players develop their attacking attributes, like shooting accuracy, first-touch, and teamwork. Working individually or in teams, players can access a range of drills designed to replicate the pressure of real match situations. The Precision Wall is great for practicing set pieces, and can even simulate the dive of a professional goalkeeper.

Technical Focus: Passing, Shooting, Control


Based on the 6m ICON, the ICON Q is a 4-panel version focusing on 90 degrees allowing the break-down of technique and isolate fundamentals. The ICON Q allows players to focus on the mechanics for passing as well as shooting. This machine can also prepare the players for the session as a warm-up or for injury recovery.

Technical Focus: Passing, Control

Wireless Panels

Providing the same design used by the ICON line, but providing the benefit of customisability the wireless panels allow the distances between the panels to be modified and randomised. Individuals will be able to work on dribbling, change of direction and awareness in an open space whilst applying the techniques developed in the more closed environments of the ICON machines.

Technical Focus: Passing, Dribbling, Control

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Wireless Gate Module

The gate simulates more realistic dribbling, and movement off-the-ball. A beam breaker is fitted at waist height, which players must pass through with or without the ball, to satisfy the target.

Technical Focus: Dribbling, Turning


We help coaches at all levels to enhance their training programmes, engage their players, and make sense of performance data.


ESA kit is robust, fully weatherproof, and comes with a 2 year warranty, with finance options available. 

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